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Notice I said “healthier” choices. These menu options are not exactly healthy – they are just the healthier picks on fast-food menus.  We suggest that you cutout fast food from your diet completely if possible. However we realize that sometimes you will be too busy or have another reason to make a run through the drive thru.  These suggestions below are here for you to make a better choice – the BEST choice would be to skip processed, yucky fast food all together. Eating only these products will most likely not result in healthy weight loss and will result in other health problems, please eat a balanced healthy diet full of vegetables and lean meats! Please do not start eating only “healthy” fast food! Many fast foods are disguised as healthy but in reality are not! Many of the salads or grilled chicken sandwiches are high in calories, sodium, and fat! Don’t be fooled by the “healthy” look. These items are bad for your health. Drinking water is always the best option – un-sweet tea could be a second option. Below are some somewhat healthier choices if you must go through a drive thru!

– A healthier choice on the McDonalds’ menu would be a grilled chicken snack wrap: 260 calories, 9 grams of fat, 5 grams of sugar – red flag: over 700 mg of sodium.  All of the grilled chicken salads at McDonalds have over 900 mg of sodium – that’s high. If you do choose a salad the Premium Southwest Chicken Salad has only 320 calories.  The salads without chicken are all healthier choices and have less sodium and all have less than 200 calories! Do not use RANCH on your salad! Balsamic vinaigrette is their best choice.  Fruit and Yogurt Parfait has only 160 calories and is a good snack choice, however it does have 21 grams of sugar.  Apple dippers without the dip are also a good snack choice.

Burger King
– Both their Tender grill sandwich and salad have over 400 calories and over 1100mg of sodium! Healthiest choice: Side salad, 330 calories, 770 mg sodium. Apple fries are a good snack choice. Burger King doesn’t have many healthy options

Taco Bell
– They actually have some healthier choices. Fresco Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco, 170 calories and low in sodium! Fresco Crunchy Taco and Volcano Taco (fresco style), 150 calories and low in sodium as well.  Chicken Soft Taco, 200 calories. Pacific Shrimp taco, 180 calories – somewhat high on sodium. “Fresco Style” on any menu item will reduce calories and create a healthier choice!

– Grilled Chicken Go Wrap, 250 calories.  All their meal salads have over 450 calories. The side salad and mandarin oranges would be somewhat healthy snack choices. Wendy’s doesn’t have many healthy options.

– Regular Roast Beef Sandwich, 350 calories but over 900 mg of sodium plus has not veggies or healthy foods added – not a healthy choice!  Chopped Farm House chicken or turkey and ham salads have around 250 calories and some fresh veggies – the two best choices.

Vending Machine Snacks
– There are hardly any healthy vending machine snacks.  Usually they are full of candy bars, chips, or candy.  Most of the time roasted nuts, crackers or granola bars would be the better choice, but they are not really healthy. Nuts should be raw, unroasted and unsalted to be healthy. Bringing your own snack is the BEST option!

PLAN ahead!
– The key to eating healthy is planning ahead! By fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas (bananas are higher in sugar) that don’t have to be refrigerated or prepared and keep them near the door.  Take one with you when you leave the house. You can also keep some at your office desk.  Fresh veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots (higher in sugar) and celery are also great and easy snack options.  You can keep these veggies at room temperature and they are still easily prepared and take along.  A good idea is to cut up some fresh fruit or veggies the night before or on Sunday to get you through the week. Separate them in single serving baggies or containers for a quick grad when you leave the house. Buy some easy organic snacks such a granola bars or whole wheat crackers to keep in the car so you can always have a healthy back-up plan.

As I said before – these fast foods are not HEALTH foods, just healthier than the other menu items available at the fast food restaurants.


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